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"Daughters Destined For Purpose"

We are a women empowerment program which hosts self-discovery and self-expression events throughout the year in the hopes to support and empower women through action and expression.

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Here is a list and Summary of what we do

Oscar Wilde cleverly said “a poet can survive everything but a misprint.” We’ve taken these words to heart and strive to make everyone we can indestructible poets.

Each year we host a  themed poetry competition and join women across the globe in the 16 day march against silencing gender targeted oppression and violence.

We want you to know that your Voice is Powerful and your Voice will be Heard

Shine is a unique personal development and group mentoring program.

We take girls and women of all backgrounds and circumstances on a journey towards a greater understanding of their value, strengths and potential.

Your attitude of yourself each and every day should be as beautiful and awe inspiring as a sunrise,

Strength is men’s program dedicated to creating an open space for discussing, discovering and overcoming the trials of being a man in today’s society.

Strength mentors help equip all men with the knowledge and skills to discover the person they currently are and the path to grow into who they want to be.

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