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Hopolang Phororo is a Christian woman with many interests and talents that include a curious mind, a fascination for what makes people tick and the desire to see people grow and fulfil their God-given destinies.

She has had a fulfilling and diverse career path working in the public, NGO and UN spheres holding a number of key positions. She is well travelled, having visited and lived in several countries, which has given her priceless exposure to and an appreciation of different cultures.

Destined For Purpose (DD4P), a charity she founded in 2016 is a result of her passion for leadership and empowering women and young people through mentoring and coaching.  Hopolang is an advocate against gender-based violence, she herself being a survivor of childhood sexual abuse.

 Her various educational qualifications include a Diploma in Cosmetology, 2 Bachelors’ degrees in Business Administration and Psychology, respectively and a Masters in Agricultural Economics. She is an avid reader, loves running and enjoys the outdoor life.


Heather graduated in Law at the University of Sussex and has a Legal Masters in Human Rights, Conflict and Justice.
She has worked in human rights law and development, as well as in youth homelessness. Heather has spent several years empowering women in a variety of capacities, mentoring and supporting young people as a youth leader and advocate, and has gained experience working with human trafficking survivors.
She was one of the mentees under the first cohort for the Daughters of Destiny in Geneva and has played an instrumental role in the evolution of Daughters Destined for Purpose, where she serves as one of the Trustees. She loves music, sports, travelling and people.


Lisemelo Chipo Mahari-Phororo is a woman who believes in the Lord.

Lise holds a BSI Diploma in Quality Assurance and working on completing the ILM Level 5 Leadership and Management Diploma. She works full time in the water industry under the Networking and Maintenance sector, that covers various schemes.

 Her role is to coach staff in doing their best in delivering a great customer experience when working with the public. She has run three Shine Women courses in Bristol every year from 2017-2019 at her church for women in the community.

Our Ongoing story

Growing up, a neighbour sexually abused Hopolang Phororo and she did not speak about her experience to anyone because of the feelings of blame and shame. For 19 years, she was caught in an ongoing internal battle to regain her confidence, esteem and worth from her traumatic past. Depression, suicidal thoughts, anger, bitterness and navigating difficult relationships were some of her struggles.

Today, Hopolang is:

  1. The accomplished author of “Joy Comes In The Morning”, in which she details how she overcame the trauma of being sexually abused and the ripple effect that it caused in all areas of her life;
  2. A successful climber of Mount Kilimanjaro reaching Uhuru peak, which was a personal triumph she never imagined being able to do;
  3. A mentor and coach;
  4. A development practitioner; and

5. The founder of this very platform – Daughters Destined For Purpose (DD4P).

During her journey of healing from her past, she longed to read stories that she could relate to of those abused and who had overcome it. Because such stories were not readily available in the culture and context she was in, she set out to write her own story, drawing from personal experience, on what she faced and how she dealt with emotions, such as betrayal, fear and guilt through poetry.  Not only was this therapeutic for Hopolang but she wanted to reach out to encourage hurting women and men.

As her way of giving a story of real hope, Hopolang founded DD4P and it has now grown and continues to be a community platform that aims to harness a sense of identity and confidence in both young women and men to realize their full potential and contribute meaningfully to society. Two great women, Heather and Lise, who believed in Hopolang and the vision for DD4P have teamed up with her and are fully committed to taking DD4P to greater heights… 

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